About Ame


My chosen name is Ame Ahes. Ame is French for “Beloved” and Ahes is a word meaning “Key Holder” .  I was a merman in a previous life. Now I am an Intuitive Empath, MerWitch, Spiritual Coach, Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Reiki II Practitioner, Herbalist, Healer, Druid, Gypsy Soul and Ocean Conversationist.

This blog/journal will be about ocean conservancy, the ocean in general, and anything related to mermaids and mermen. Posts will also include information on herbalism, healing, and Mer Witchcraft (ocean/sea/water witchcraft).

This blog is to journal about my experiences on working with the powers and energies of the ocean, lakes, rivers, etc.  I am an ambassador and guardian of the seas, lakes, rivers, etc and it is my goal to teach others about protecting and saving our oceans and all sea life, as well as how to harness and use the power of the sea.

I will also be journaling my experiences through the ADF Dedicant Path of Druidry.

Blessed Be and Namaste!