Nine Pagan Virtues: Piety


ADF defines Piety as the…

“correct observance of ritual and social traditions; the maintenance of the agreements, both personal and societal, that we humans have with the Gods and Spirits. Keeping the Old Ways, through ceremony and duty.”

There are many things that one must have in order to walk a spiritual path: faith, belief, knowledge and action among some of these. I believe that are spiritual practice must be one of action before all the others. We must be able to practice what we belief in order to have a spiritual practice.

I believe that piety and the practice of a spiritual path should be something we do on a daily basis not just say on the High Holy Days. This is like any other religious practitioner who maybe goes to church on Sunday but doesn’t live a very religious life during the rest of the week.

Our spiritual practice must be something that we are constantly putting into action and practicing on a regular basis. Through our daily spiritual practice we must honor the kindreds. We can do this through study, meditation, daily devotions, honoring the elementals and kindreds and other spiritual rituals.

Through piety and our personal practice we can create space to become closer to and honor the kindreds as well as ourselves.





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