Crush Plastic

I recently came across a great article on the website One Green Planet with some great information on how plastics damage the oceans and marine life. The article also included some great inforgraphics that I thought I’d share, with some tips on how you can reduce the plastics being found in our oceans. It takes a little more than recycling, as the article states that more than 85% of plastics are never actually recycled. That’s a pretty shocking statistic. Take a few small and easy steps to reduce the amount of plastic you use. You can read the full article here
Carry a reusable water bottle made of glass or other materials instead of buying single use plastic water bottles. Bring your own reusable coffee cups to work or in the car. I love my Starbucks drinks and use their reusable mugs and cold cups. As a bonus, they have reusable straws for the cups as well.
Bring cloth bags on all your shopping trips. Use reusable cloth bags instead of the plastic ones. I like to keep a few in my car at all times, to have them on hand for those impromptu stops at the store.
Try using solid shampoos and conditioners to reduce the amount of plastic shampoo bottles that wind up in our oceans. Lush has some great ones and you dont need any container to hold them in.
I think this one is the most shocking to me. The amount of straws we use that then wind up in the oceans. And its so simple to stop this one. Just dont use straws, drink out of glasses without them, or as I mentioned buy the reusable cold cups with the reusable straws from companies like Starbucks. At restaurants avoid using the straws and tell your server to not bring them to the table.
If you tend to eat at places that offer plastic cutlery, bring your own set of stainless steel ones. Keep a set in your car to always have on hand



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